Want to buy a picture?

The photographs on this website are for sale!
In case you are really impressed by one or more photographs and want them to hang on your wall at home or at work, or if you want to use it in your digital or pressed publication: well, that's possible! Hidden Places.nl can deliver you almost every photograph on this website digitally in high resolution.

What does it cost?
The prices are as stated below:
For single use, without gaining the rights:
35,- per photo
For permanent use, including the rights:
75,- per photo

How does it work?
By sending an e-mail with your information and the photos you wish to buy. I will return the paying information. On request a printed invoice can be arranged. In certain occasions a signed approval of the agreement can be required.

What are the conditions?
When you buy one or more photographs without gaining the rights you can use these for single use once as agreed. If you don't then additional costs will be claimed, for violating the copyrights and authors rights. Also there must be a notification next to the photograph or in the colofon that the photograph is made by Hidden Places.nl / Jochem Veenstra.
When buying a photograph with the rights you are free to use it. Hidden Places.nl keeps permitted to continue using the photograph on this website. A source notification is not required.
Payments must be made within 30 days after the date of agreement. Always read the disclaimer carefully.

Custom photos?
Do you have certain wishes but you can't find those on this website? Then please send an e-mail for more information. Specific wishes can always be deliberated to overview the possibilities to realize them.
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