The goal of Hidden
On this site you find works I, Jochem Veenstra, have made. Digitally post-edited photographs, with the goal to capture little pieces of the world from an unusual point of view. With this I want to show the diversity and the colours in the world around us, even in deserted, abandoned and decayed buildings, long forgotten, ready for demolition. Or one of the many modern skyscrapers which arise everywhere. Or dead simple things as street bricks or traffic signs. To capture the hidden beauty, the undiscovered places in our environment, digital painting with light, colour, contrast and lines. I don't avoid the experiment. But with the wide variety of subjects there should be something for everyone.

About the website
The website itself is completely selfbuilt, with existing addons as the guestbook, the newsletter and the gallery viewer intergrated. This website contains PHP, JavaScript and Flash elements to reach a well balanced concept. In case you wonder why you aren't able to download and save the photographs from the galleries: this is done to prevent uncontrolled distribution and unauthorised usage by third parties. Making, editing and presenting photographs for this website and also building and maintaining the site itself costs money and lots of effort and (free) time.
The setup of this website is chosen in such way to make sure that all different genres are shown in their best ways. No annoying elements, no voting systems, comment options or things like that, just an easy and quiet environment. The navigation has been kept as easy as possible, so you'll never get lost.

About the author
To introduce myself briefly: Jochem Veenstra, born in 1980 in the small Dutch town of Kampen and still living in that same region. Since childhood I was very visually intended. Around my twenties I more and more got in touch with photography. It started with photographing trains, but soon I found out that there is so much more to see, and more important, to photograph. And when with the years the opportunities and the experience was growing it appeared to me what really attracted me: modern architecture, industries and everyday things, sometimes nearing to abstraction. The inustrial part was supported by the discovery of Urban Exploration, a hobby in which searching and capturing the forgotten remains of our society is the main thing. In simple words: looking after and taking pictures of (mainly) old, abandoned and often decayed buildings, offices and factories. More information on Urban Exploration (or Urbex) can be found on Wikipedia.

The passion for photography results in photogalleries. I'm aiming to present a new gallery about once every month. Because of having a social life and a fulltime job next to this passion it can occaisonally happen that things run different. I however hope you, as viewer, will enjoy your stay. In case you are having questions, remarks or comments, don't hesitate to send me an e-mail.
All gallery photos are taken by Jochem Veenstra, unless stated otherwise. Other photos are used with permission of the photographer.

All rights reserved Jochem Veenstra. I claim copyright protection for all materials on this website, all rights reserved. Photos may not be copied, reprinted, published, hosted or otherwise distributed by any means without explicit written permission.
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